Words to the Wise

There are ethics involved in muscle testing. Be of pure intent. Don’t muscle test for the right lottery numbers, or the right slot machine, etc. Without pure intent, muscle testing is not consistent. When in doubt or questioning a situation, it’s better to tune in and listen to your intuition, the Holy Spirit within, guidance, Source, or Being. Our goal is to help folks grow in their personal empowerment; not to rely solely on muscle testing.

The focus of Cellular Regeneration Technique is to bring the body-mind-soul into balance and harmony. Many people do not realize they are under attack or stuck in negativity. Some teachings say you only get evil beings hassling you if you attract them. I do not agree. Spirits &/or entities will attach to whoever’s vulnerable, just like parasites. They siphon or leach our energy, usually without our consent or knowledge. Once found and commanded or blessed to The Light, they have to go. 

Many healers and teachers have come as patients. Many do not realize how sensitive they are, and take on, absorb, carry, intercede, empath, or process for others. They’ve given so much of their energy away; they don’t have enough for themselves. They are exhausted, frustrated, and wondering why they are so tired doing Spirit’s will. Once there is awareness, they can realize what’s been happening, and pray for protection and heal the past negatives and vulnerabilities, especially when they are healing others, and the draining usually stops. 

Some spiritual beliefs teach that all methods lead to the Divine. This is unfortunately not true, and I have known folks who needed healing from these false teachings/teachers. It is important to pray for discernment. There’s a fine line between being open and being discerning. Let’s call it discerning awareness. I keep focused on God-Jesus-Holy Spirit, three in one, like I’m three in one with my body-mind-spirit.  Go directly to the Source, and you won’t be misled. 

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