The Big Idea

The theory behind Cellular Regeneration Technique™ (CRT) is that the brain is a computer. If you are functioning 100%, there is a constant feedback from the brain to all the body parts and organs. However, if there is trauma or stress, whether it is physical, emotional, mental, chemical, or spiritual, the optimum feedback can malfunction. By muscle testing, we can figure out the specifics (who, what, when, where and why) of the dysfunction, blockage, or short circuit, and then reconnect the brain to the body parts, so the body can heal itself. Total Body Modification (TBM) is a type of chiropractic technique, born out of Applied Kinesiology by Dr. Victor Frank, D.C. in 1978. TBM is where my muscle testing career began. Applied Kinesiology, the original muscle testing technique was founded by Dr. George Goodheart, D.C. in 1964.

How does this feedback loop work? Muscle testing (MT) tells us the body’s energy response to specific stimuli, be it a food, supplement, chemical, thought, etc. The nervous system is so sensitive that if we touch a reflex point or a body part that is imbalanced, we get a weak response in the muscle testing. If the body part is functioning optimally, the muscle test is strong. Muscle testing can provide feedback on the functional status of the body. Think of muscle testing as being able to check the integrated energy systems of the body as well as the rest of our being. We can use muscle testing like a map or GPS for our wellbeing. Our innate intelligence knows exactly what needs to be done in order to function optimally or heal. By muscle testing, we can follow that inner wisdom to our benefit.

Dr. David Hawkins calls this a “database of consciousness.” There seems to be a form of communal consciousness at work. It is the same reason that all the birds in a flock or fish in a school turn at the same time. In Power vs. Force, page 18, Dr. Hawkins expressed “When I first encountered kinesiology, I was instantly amazed by the potential I saw. It was the “wormhole” between two universes – the physical, and the mind and spirit – an interface between dimensions. In a world full of sleepers lost from their source, here was a tool to recover that lost connection with the higher reality and demonstrate it for all to see. I proceeded to test every substance, thought and concept I could think of, and had my students and research assistants do the same.” I can totally relate – when I first learned muscle testing, I tested everything. MT is efficient, effective and non-invasive. Then I learned to combine intuition with muscle testing as a way of confirming what I was sensing. Learning that even a sensitive person like me can thrive in this chaotic world was empowering.

In 1998, during meditation, the name for the healing work I currently perform was revealed to me – Cellular Regeneration Technique™. A realization came to life that the variety of healing methods I utilize enables the body to regenerate from the cellular level on up, and God had me as the founder of CRT. The first weekend seminar teaching CRT was in 2001 to a group of enthusiasts from all walks of life.

I believe that in order to be whole, body, mind and spirit have to be in harmony. I truly appreciate each person as an individual because the Creator created us as individuals. Different people may experience the same symptoms such as headaches, back pain, allergies, learning challenges, depression, success or relationship issues, but their cause is very unique. It is a privilege and an honor to have the gift of communicating with the body-mind-spirit in order to enhance one’s own healing capabilities through this multi-dimensional and multi-faceted energy healing method called Cellular Regeneration Technique™.

My life is dedicated to doing God’s will which is helping as many as possible live in body-mind-spirit harmony, expressing optimum potential and open to receiving the fullest of life’s blessings.

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I sense God’s urging to be more public about teaching Cellular Regeneration Technique to larger audiences. Hopefully, you find great value in this healing work and will recommend it to those you feel it may help. Your help in sharing this work is very much appreciated.

In Service with Love,

Gina Kim, D.C.

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