Gina Kim, D.C. – Changing The Face of Holistic Medicine Through Cellular Regeneration

By Sherry Remez

This article was published in The Maui Weekly Newspaper April 17, 2004

 Dr. Gina Kim is changing the face of holistic medicine using some unusual but effective techniques. “Your brain is a computer”

Gina Kim, Doctor of Chiropractic, is a brilliant, yet humble, pioneer in the holistic healthcare field. Working out of her Wailuku office, she quietly ministers her “Cellular Regeneration” (CR) technique, a revolutionary natural healing modality she formulated in 1998. CR is a form of Energy Healing designed to balance the body-mind-spirit. It is extremely effective.

The 43-year old Wailuku practitioner teaches her Cellular Regeneration method to healthcare professionals and laypersons. Oft times her students are patients, who have experienced the miraculous results of her treatments and want to learn to produce similar healing successes for others.

Dr. Gina Kim is changing the face of holistic medicine using some unusual but effective techniques. “Your brain is a computer.”

Kim’s technique is simple, efficient, and profound. It offers a comprehensive way to create a healing environment. “Some people think that healing needs to be hard. It doesn’t,” she says with soft assurance. “With CR, you can signal the body to regenerate completely—from the cellular level on up.”

The theory behind CR is that the brain functions as a computer. If the body is operating optimally, there is constant feedback from the brain to all of the organs and body parts. But, if there is trauma—whether it is physical, emotional/mental, chemical or spiritual—that dialogue is interrupted and the bio-computer must be reset and regenerated.

Dr. Kim’s working premise is supported by scientific evidence. At the University of California, San Francisco, research has proven that the brain is constantly rebuilding itself in response to stimuli, and can be “re-adjusted” through directed activity intended for a specified outcome. Through research done at the National Institute of Mental Health, we know that neuropeptides produced by nerve cells in the brain serve as the communicating connectors between the nervous system and all the body parts. Each cell has the capability of storing emotions which can be communicated and expressed in the body. Body and mind do not function as separate entities, but are part of an interactive whole. This is in alignment with Dr. Kim’s Cellular Regeneration model.

“Scientists tell us that we only use about 10% of our brain. With CR, we can gain entry to the 90 percent that is subconscious,” says Kim who accesses the body’s bio-computer via kinesiology, a muscle testing technique developed 30 years ago to determine the source of imbalance or ‘dis-ease’. “The nervous system is so sensitive that if we touch a reflex point or say something that is irritating to it, we will get a weak response”, says Kim describing the diagnostic process. After obtaining specific information as to who, what, when, where, and/or why an imbalance occurred, Kim signals for balance. A healing response then occurs.

This is entirely possible because the body/mind mechanism possesses Innate Intelligence—“the Divine within” —created with a matrix, or blueprint, for perfect health. Healing is natural to the living body. Cut your finger and that of a corpse and see which heals. Although this phenomenon can be described in physiological/medical terms, at the deepest level, the answer to the question: ‘But, how does it know?’ is a mystery.

Dr. Gina Kim feels to her core that healing is a gift from God, and she keeps in constant touch with that Energy through her prayers. “Whenever I need to know something, I ask God what to do. He is the one guiding me. It is not about religion,” she makes clear. “It is about bringing the body-mind-spirit into balance. It says in the bible, ‘Ask and you shall receive’”, Kim quotes softly. “In that balance we are open to receiving the fullest of God’s blessings in this life.”

All models of natural healing are based upon the principle that the living body is a self-healing mechanism with Innate Intelligence. Common to each is the understanding that ill health, or ‘dis-ease’, reflects an imbalance in the body/mind. In “Energy Medicine”, the term healing is defined as bringing the body/mind back into balance. Imbalances are blockages or contractions which reduce the natural flow of the Life Force energy (Chi ) and can occur on all levels, including the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual. When balance is regained, energy flow for optimum functioning is also restored.

While not a replacement for Western medicine, there is a growing interest in the U.S. in the use of “Energy Medicine.” In recent years, the success of chiropractic work and acupuncture treatments on athletic superstars such as San Francisco 49ers Steve Young and Jerry Rice and Oakland Raider’s Bill Romanowski, have brought awareness of alternatives to conventional medicine into the mainstream. More and more, professional athletes, who must function at peak capacity, are embracing alternative health practices. They are using everything from shark cartilage to magnets to healing stones and the oil from the emu bird, because of the effectiveness of these to expedite healing.

The increased interest in finding an alternative approach to conventional medicine has been further stimulated by the escalating cost of health care, including unnecessary surgery and drugs, and the shocking number of incidents of medical malpractice, which kills about 300,000 people a year, making it the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. (After heart disease and cancer). Medical malpractice is also 3rd of the 5 most preventable causes of death in this country.

In 2000, President Clinton established a commission to recommend ways to assure Americans the maximum benefits of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), instigating a number of special hearings. These hearings determined that huge numbers of people in this country were already using CAM as a significant part of their health care.

A review of the Maui Yellow Pages reflects these findings. There are 10 full pages of advertisements for chiropractors, body-workers, massage therapists and other practitioners of holistic medicine. Dr. Gina Kim is listed under “Wilcox Chiropractic”, a practice she shares with her chiropractor husband of 17 years, Rick Wilcox. The Wailuku based clinic offers soft tissue techniques, exercise instruction, advanced kinesiology, cranial sacral therapy, and Dr. Kim’s Cellular Regeneration work.

In 1991, before developing CR, Kim experienced “three miracles” while studying another muscle testing technique that determined areas of the body that were not performing at their peak, and then corrected the problem by restoring balance to the nervous system. “I’d had a constant sore throat for 19 years”, Kim began, “and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) which was so severe, that I had to carry food with me all of the time. I also had developed chronic bleeding hemorrhoids after the births of my first child. All of these disappeared almost immediately after the treatment.”

Within a year of that experience, Kim trained with another doctor in Los Angeles who also used muscle testing in addition to traditional chiropractic techniques (which focus mainly on correcting the structure, the skeletal system) to influence the function of the body/mind. “While these techniques were successful in correcting functional physiology—the organs and how the body works—my own observations indicated that it was also important to address other sources of imbalance, such as the mental and emotional causes of physical problems, and the spiritual ones, which inevitably filter down into the physical level.”

By 1998, Dr. Kim had formulated her ground-breaking Cellular Regeneration Technique and had added it to her practice. People come to her with issues they want to work on; success or relationships, physical complaints, or, they leave it to “God’s priority” to see what comes up to be healed. Muscle testing identifies the source of imbalances, which may have been buried for lifetimes in the un-conscious, bringing them into conscious awareness where they can be let go. Kim signals for balance, and then asks her patient to, quite literally, shake off all data that has come to the surface. She humorously calls this part of her protocol “pump and dump”.

Results can be instantaneous, miraculous. “Whatever comes up”, explains Kim, “is healing and clearing. A positive, optimistic attitude is definitely helpful. Everyone processes differently. Healing occurs in layers and processing can take a few minutes to days. If there are only 1 or 2 causes to an issue, and you clear those, you have a miracle. If there is a need to talk to a therapist or a support group, that’s fine”, says Kim. “Just don’t stuff it back down!”

The information gathered can be unexpected. There are times when spiritual healing is indicated. “There are negative forces at work. A lot of people are on the fence right now, and have to choose the direction they will go. I believe that there is opportunity for a shift in consciousness”, Kim avers. Many would agree. Such a shift, based upon knowing and understanding ourselves, recognizing that we are interconnected and inseparable from the whole (no different than the body and mind), has the potential to transform our world.

“This is when I feel it is important to pray” she says. “I ask my patient ‘I hope it’s o.k. that I pray with you’”. In characteristic humble manner, she states, “I have no doubts. I know I am doing God’s work. His purpose was revealed: to help people live in body-mind-spirit balance.” If Dr. Gina Kim’s growing practice is any indication, Cellular Regeneration will continue to produce “miracles” for some time to come.

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